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About The Behavioral Investor pdf download

The Behavioral Investor pdf offers a fresh look at what would have otherwise been a jaded topic the author of The Behavioral Investor pdf book draws on a vast knowledge bank of insights and experience to execute this work.

From the New York Times best-selling author of the book named the best investment book of 2017 comes The Behavioral Investor, an applied look at how psychology ought to inform the art and science of investment management. 

In The Behavioral Investor, psychologist and asset manager Dr. Daniel Crosby examines the sociological, neurological, and psychological factors that influence our investment decisions and sets forth practical solutions for improving both returns and behavior. Listeners will be treated to the most comprehensive examination of investor behavior to date and will leave with concrete solutions for refining decision-making processes, increasing self-awareness, and constraining the fatal flaws to which most investors are prone. 

The Behavioral Investor takes a sweeping tour of human nature before arriving at the specifics of portfolio construction, rooted in the belief that it is only as we come to a deep understanding of “why” that we are left with any clue as to “how” we ought to invest. The book is comprised of three parts, which are as follows: 

Part One – An explication of the sociological, neurological, and physiological impediments to sound investment decision-making. Listners will leave with an improved understanding of how externalities impact choices in nearly imperceptible ways and begin to understand the impact of these pressures on investment selection.

Part Two – Coverage of the four primary psychological tendencies that impact investment behavior. Although human behavior is undoubtedly complex, in an investment context our choices are largely driven by one of the four factors discussed herein. Listeners will emerge with an improved understanding of their own behavior, increased humility, and a lens through which to vet decisions of all types. 

Part Three – Illuminates the “so what” of Parts One and Two and provides a framework for managing wealth in a manner consistent with the realities of our contextual and behavioral shortcomings. Listeners will leave with a deeper understanding of the psychological underpinnings of popular investment approaches such as value and momentum and appreciate why all types of successful investing have psychology at their core.

Wealth, truly considered, has at least as much to do with psychological as financial well-being. The Behavioral Investor aims to enrich listeners in the most holistic sense of the word, leaving them with tools for compounding both wealth and knowledge.

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